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Home of the Knotts Island Peach Festival

This site will cease to exist on January 6, 2021.

We've had a good run but can't keep up with social media, server costs, and the time required to maintain a site that has lost its rank on the search engines, and lost its usefullness to the island.

Thank you for your support, but KI Online is lost- lost to modernity.

Martin Farm is under new mangement. See it here. 10-14-17

There is another hunt club on the Sportsman's Page. See it here. 10-28-15

We've added more local businesses to the yellow pages.
Check it out here. Let us know if you'd like to be included on the listings.


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Knotthead took a couple of trips off the island.  One to Seattle, WA, and the other to Savannah, GA  We caught up with him and he told us a bit about it.  Click cities and see them.

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Frequently Asked Questions- This is a good place to start your trip to the island.  Have a question? Send it here.


Not many people have ever heard of us. We're generally unknown to the travelers who visit North Carolina's Outer Banks every year. This isn't too bad, though. If everyone did know about us, they'd all want to move in.

We do like to have visitors, so look around the site. There's a lot to see.  We have a search engine to find things you don't see. 

Browse around in the links.  Use the handy search engine. If you still can't find what you're looking for just drop us an e-mail.


Visit this page to see the schools that the children and young people of Knotts Island are attending.

The island is home to the Knotts Island Ruritan Club.  Visit the club here.

Here is the page for the
Knotts Island
Volunteer Fire Department.
Check it out.  There's a lot of good information





This is the Knotts Island Scrapbook, an incredible collection of pictures, stories, and memorabilia from the island, collected over the past several years.  See it here.

There is a restaurant open on weekends during the summer months.  See that here.

There is a vineyard on the island producing wine and open to the public for tasting.

It also has an orchard where you can pick your own fruit.  Click here  to visit them online.


There are stables on the island.  Each may have something to offer the visitor and resident alike.
See them here.


Nature and landscapes are the reasons many of our visitors come to see us.  Learn about the wildlife of the island here.


There is a lot of artistic talent to be found on the island.  Find that on this page.

Hunting and fishing are not only pastimes around here, these activities have been a way of life for as long as Currituck County was established.  Visit the sportsmen's' page here.

Like to paddle a canoe or kayak?  The island has miles of waterways for you.  Visit the paddling page here.

There are two churches on the island.  A Baptist church and a United Methodist Church.  You can see them here and get information about services on this page.


Another site by Knotthead.


Contact the webmaster.

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