Wildlife on Knotts Island

If you like to observe wildlife in its natural surroundings, Knotts Island is a good place for you to visit. We're situated beside the Mackay Island National Wildlife Refuge.
This makes a great vantage point for spotting and photographing the wide variety of species we support. To get look at them from the comfort of your computer chair, check these links.


Articles about the local wildlife:

If you would like to contribute your article about any other species, contact the webmaster.


Here are some places on
the island to get a
good vantage point:


More links to
wildlife sites:

North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Mackay Island Wildlife Refuge


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Volunteer for activities with "Friends of the Refuge".
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  House Finch

It would be impossible to list every bird that makes its home here. The list of birds that winter over here is a big one as well. Try this checklist and we'll put some popular species in our list as you suggest them.


We'll get some mammals in here soon.

Reptiles & Amphibians

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  Swamp Sunflower

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    June Bugs
    Paper Wasps

Outside knowledge is appreciated. Your sightings are as good as researching a list, if not better.  Please consider writing an article about your experience with our wild things.  If you don't think you'd like to try writing one, just send us your outline or draft.  We'll be happy to finish it for you.  E-mail your word processing document here.

 If you have any species you've seen or know are around and would like to see them in the lists, e-mail us.  We'll get right on it and get your suggestion in here.

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