The best way to hunt on the island is to use one of our local guides. The land around here is either privately owned or managed by the Refuge so it's best to hire some local knowledge to make your trip a successful one. Some reputable guides are listed here. Visit their pages. One or more of them has a package to suit your needs.

Currituck Gunning and Fishing Club


Swan Island Club





Dude Perfect



The guides can help you with a great fishing trip or you can do it yourself. You will need some fishing license. These can be purchased at the Knotts Island Market. You can get a license for just our county, statewide, or you can get a license for visitors. The link below will take you to a site that can better explain the options and prices. Fishing on the island is easier to do on your own because the waters are easily accessible. The causeway offers some pretty good action and, in the right seasons, the canals and ponds on the refuge will provide good angling.


Catch Catfish

Williams' Lodge

Hunting Dog Joke

There was a duck hunter from New Jersey who traveled to the island every winter to hunt.  He liked it fine enough but couldn't get the locals to accept him as a hunter of their caliber.  Then he found a retriever that could walk on water.  This was the ticket.  He would finally impress these guys.
He brought the dog down and went hunting.  After a few hours they were able to shoot some ducks.  Here was the big moment.  He sent the dog out and it trotted across the water with no problems, picked up the ducks and returned over and over again without getting wet.  The Jersey hunter looked at his hosts after the demonstration was over with a big smile on his face.  "Well?  How about that?"  The Island hunters shook their heads in pity.  When the Jersey hunter ask what the problem was one finally spoke up.  "You poor guy.  That dog can't swim.  Can he?"