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How does the weather station work?

Other Frequently Asked Questions.

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How does the weather station work?

The weather station here is a unit made by Oregon Scientific.  It collects weather data using five or six different sensors and collects the data on base station display.  The display panel is connected to a computer here in the office.  The computer is on line all the time and every few minutes, it sends data to Weather Underground using cool software.  You use links on this site to access the data anytime you like.  You can have the data on your desk top all the time by downloading Weather Exchange.


How come the wind speed hasn't changed in a few days?

The sensors on this weather station send the data to the base station using radio signals and, like most radio, there are days of interference.  It's during these times of no or low signal that the reading remains constant, usually North at zero miles per hour.

It rained today but the data didn't record it.  How come?

The rain gauge on this system must have at least a few hundredths of an inch of rain before it will register any rainfall.  Chances are, if it doesn't rain enough to tip the indicator, then there wasn't enough to make a difference for us anyway.  We occasionally tip it manually to reflect what we think is significant rainfall.

Send us your questions.  We're happy to answer them.