It's good to see that people are flying the American flag at their homes and businesses more and more each day.  But it's important to know that there are a few guidelines, rules, if you would, that will help keep Old Glory flying with dignity.

The first thing that we see a lot is a flag left out after dark.  Take your flag down at or before sunset.  If you get home late or forget, go out and take it down before the sun rises on it again.  If you want to fly your flag at night, it should be illuminated by a flood light of some type.

We also see your flags up during storms.  Don't fly your flag in bad weather.  A little rain won't hurt but if it's blowing a good storm out there, leave the flag inside where it will be saved from damage and abuse.

Many of the flags we see are tattered.  When your flag becomes tattered, it's time to get a new one.  There are many sites on line that have inexpensive flags for the average person or business to use daily.

Please, folks.  Don't fly your other flags over the American flag.  It should be the highest flag flown on your property.  There have been sightings of the rebel flag or the state flag flown higher than, or on top of the national flag.  It deserves more respect than any other flag.

Thanks for reading this.  It shows you care a bit about the dignity of our national flag.

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