Updated April 20, 2012.

April 20, 2012. 1933 HURRICANE

From the Newspaper Collection of John Munden.

Newspaper unknown. About 1954. STORMS Today Not so Bad as Some Recorded More Than 100 Years Ago. By Henry B. Ansell

Virginia Beach Beacon dated February 6, 1977. KNOTTS ISLAND Hit by Ice. Plus two articles on the Currituck Sound freeze of 1905.

From the Newspaper Collection of Brenda Twiford.

Updated September 22, 2010. The Virginian-Pilot. May 21, 1997. Resident voices HURRICANE WORRIES. Includes the Knotts Island portion of Hurricane Bonnie in The Virginian Pilot dated September 2, 1998, emergency generator donation, pictures of Bonnie damage on the Bryan Rd canal and The Poughkeepsie Journal dated March 14, 1846.

From the Newspaper Collection of Sue Austin.

June 15, 2010. The Virginian-Pilot. August 16, 1992. TORNADOES hit Knotts Island

October 1, 2010. Knotts Bay about 8AM Friday after the remains of Tropical Storm Nichole passed through.
Thursday around 9AM I measured a wind gust of 40MPH and the Bay was breaking over the bulkhead with water begining to flood the South end of my yard. Rainfall was about 1.6". Wind in the 20-25mph range much of the day. About 9PM the wind increased to 44 mph and the level of the Bay increased at least another foot over my bulkhead at the South end. I would estimate that the wind and rain caused the level of the Bay to increase by 3 to 4 feet.

From my office door

From Jane Brumley On Cappsies Creek/Back Bay, North End, Knotts Island.


October 23, 2010. From Brenda Twiford. South End.