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December 12, 2011. PUNGO STORES From Rod Mann.

There was a Munden's and Brock's in Pungo and they both had Knotts Island connections. I think Allan Brock ran the old store at the corner that is in that 1931 Downtown Pungo postcard photo. His brother Nelson Brock became Pungo Realty. Nelson's wife was Mabel Capps of the Harold Capps family of Knott's Island. Her maternal grandparents were Mundens and the Mundens had stores on Knotts Island.

Munden's store is the big gray building now closed at the Pungo intersection. I remember when there was a post office station in there and possibly a telephone exchange. It was owned by the Kermit Land Family whose grandaughter sold it. Kermit Land bought the Knotts Island telephone company.

The stores in Pungo were right across from each other and had a lot of character. The Brock's store was sold or rented to a lady named Penny, I think in the early 80's who turned it into an old timey general store, but with a twist. It had handmade items and herbal things mixed in. She called it the Pungo General Store. It seems like it only lasted a couple years and shortly after that the building was torn down and the gas station/convenience store went up called The Red Barn. The Pallett's Store was on the corner where Henley's Farm Stand is now. In it's last years it was really just a bar. Probably should have been called Pallet's Bar. The photo of the Munden store was done in Dec 2008 by Tim Gilliam of Knotts Island Market.

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