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The staterooms aboard the tugs are full of different people from all areas of the country, from various backgrounds, and walks of life.  This is where you may be able to meet a few.  You can share ideas and help everyone have a good life aboard the boats.  You can send us a photo with an accompanying story and we'll post you on the site so the rest of the world may see who we are and what we do out here.



Travel Information

How to pack a sea bag 





Here is an epic story about a young man who breaks into the industry one broken dock at a time.  The installments are sent in by a site visitor and will be continued as time goes on.  READ IT HERE.

This is Able Seaman John Wagner of Suffolk, VA.  He is splicing some line on the stern of the Tug Judy Lee while on the Cooper River in Charleston, SC.  The Judy Lee was operated by Kanak Towing, LTD at the time of this photo.  John began his career aboard tugboats after a good hitch in the Navy.  He currently is shipping again but never left the tugs too far behind.

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Here is our memorial section to remember our departed crewmates.  Send us your photos and memoirs to have your old buddies.

Lane Briggs

Read the article.

A sailor sports a Lane button on his cap at the first Great Schooner Race held without Lane.
Ray Hurst



Earle Mullis



Tom Nesmith


Tom in his engine room.

Royce "Buddy" Twiford  


Travel Information

Boatmen usually have to travel to and from the boat by air.  Some of them fly to or from work as often as every two weeks.  Here will be a guide to help them get through some of the countries airports and ground transportation.

For example:

Houston "Bush" International is an extremely uncomfortable airport with cramped dining areas, filthy bathrooms, and no place for a traveler to relax while he waits for his flight.  This kind of information will be available in a chart and will need reader input to be complete.


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