The Forepeak

A place to store and preserve tugboat memories and memorabilia.


The forepeak is a catch-all for all kinds of items and gear aboard the tugs.  Here, in our forepeak, we store the photos, stories, and history lessons about tugs from the past.  And we need the items from the present ones, which will become tomorrow's history.  Send us links to your favorite sites about tugs so we can share them with everybody.

Send us any articles and historical facts you would like to add too.

Submit your historical contributions and links.


Here are blogs and journals of tug boat sailors and people who like tugboats.

Tugboats in History

This is a timeline of tugboats and their activities for the last two centuries.

Historical Tugs

Here is a list of tugs restored to their glory days or under restoration.


Tugboat Societies and Associations

There are associations dedicated to the preservation of tug history through the collection of photos and models.

Tugboat Enthusiasts Society          National Association of Fleet Tug Sailors


    Photo Gallery

Here are pictures you've been sending us from the tugs you work aboard.  See any you know?


Stories and Folklore

Tugboats are remembered in short story literature here.


Tugboats have been the subject of many an artist, in paintings, drawings, and in photographs.  See some the work on this page.


Websites by boatmen

Boatmen often create websites to memorialize tugs from days gone by.  See some of them in these links.