The Knotts Island Scrapbook

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A Book of Old Tales

A Diary of Knotts Island

The People

The Churches

In the days of the original Knotts Island Website, there was a popular sub-site called the Knotts Island Scrapbook. It was an extensive collection of photos, news clippings, and memoirs of the island and its people that took Gary Montalbine over 4 years to complete. With the end of the original Knotts Island website, the Scrapbook lost its home.

We would like to put up the best parts of the old Scrapbook to honor Gary's legacy.

If you have any historical items, or if you know of anyone who does, please let us know. We can add them here for posterity. Send in your stories, memoirs, or fun facts. We'll post these and give you full credit.