Paddle Blackwater Creek

Blackwater Creek is a small river that starts in the cypress groves and feeds into the North Landing River (Intra-Coastal Waterway). It's an easy paddle on flat water and offers a choice of scenery- either marsh or woods. The trip starts at a well stocked store with good docking and parking. We do this one for quick evening and morning paddles all year round.

First you have to get to Blackwater Trading Post. It is located just south of the junction of Pungo Ferry Road and Blackwater Road. From Princess Anne Road, take Pungo Ferry Road across the ICW and take a left at Blackwater Road. The Trading Post will be on your right immediately after the little bridge over Blackwater Creed. For complete directions, go to Map The address at the trading post is 5605 Blackwater Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The Blackwater Trading Post has everything you'll need for your pack. They have a grocery store and deli with great sandwiches. There is a wide selection of soft drinks and other popular summer time beverages. They keep lots of ice and there is even gas. You can fill up before your trip back. Be sure to check out their collection of rattle snake rattles.

You'll put in at this dock. There is a two dollar fee. As you can see, there is a grassy area beside the parking to rest your boat. There are two other small docks not seen in this photo. Each one is sturdy and makes boarding easy.

Once you are afloat, you can paddle in your choice of scenery. If you go to the left, you'll be in the cypress groves and if you head right and under the bridge, you'll be in the brackish marsh and on your way to the intra-coastal waterway.


The creek goes back into the woods for about a mile and a half. There are always some fish jumping and turtles hanging out on logs. The king fishers will keep you company and you're bound to sneak up on any kind of duck. Of course, you'll see plenty of cypress trees. Keep your eyes out for little places to step ashore and have a picnic lunch.


The marsh side is less scenic than the forest side but it's a good paddle to get to bigger water on the North Landing River. It's a brackish water marsh. Most days you'll see the ospreys catching fish and there are plenty jumping too. It's over a mile to the river and from there you can head towards Knotts Island or go into Chesapeake and explore other canals off the waterway.


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