Model Boats


Shaun Kane
101 Shepherd's Way
Knotts Island, NC 27950

This photo was taken many years ago as he was about to deliver his first project.

Follow Shaun's projects:
He is currently at work on Katy of Norfolk, an 1800's era, Virginia built pilot boat.  Click here to see its progress.

Shaun began building models as a youngster. He started with plastic military models and concentrated on dioramas. A few years ago he tried his hand at wooden modeling and has re-tooled his bench into a model boat yard. He can still do plastic models and invites inquiries about these. Look below for more information on contacting him.

Here are a couple of examples of the work Shaun can do for you.



This is a Currituck "Flattie", so called be cause of its flat bottom. With a retrcatable centerboard, this vessel could navigate on the shoals of the Carolina sounds to transport produce and game to Norfolk for sale. This model is planked and fully rigged with its sails at rest.

This model can be built as shown with with a chart of the local waters on the base. All of his models can be delivered with an acrylic showcase.



This skiff is a simple model. It is planked and rigged with lines and oars. It comes with its own display case.
Here is a view of it from the top. Notice how the lines hang naturally as if they carry the weight of full size rope. The oars are complete have leathers and oarlocks.

Shaun can build either of these models for you. The cost is dependant upon the amount of detail you wish to pay for. For example, fully planked models cost a bit more than models constructed of plywood. Sails can be omitted to save a bit. He would be happy to describe the variety of options available for any decorating budget. He can build other types of boats that are not photographed here.

Have an old photo of your military aircraft or vehicle? See if he can recreate the moment in 3 dimensions with a custom diorama. In the near future, there will be examples on this page of one of his dioramas and the photos that inspired the work. They were taken in World War 2 and were recreated using a commercially available plastic model and "tricks" with common items and paint. He can discuss which models and dioramas that are possible.

If you would like Shaun to build a boat for your home, contact him by phone, mail, or E-mail. The best way to enjoy these models is to see them in person. If you're in the area, call and set up an appointment to sit and chat in the shop and have a glass of iced tea while he tinkers at the bench.

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