Shaun is to be a musician.


Shaun's music world:

Shelley Binder

Laurie Baefsy

Dr. David Clayton

Lee Jordan-Anders

Joyce Atkins-Brockhausen

Shaun's flute world:

The Flute



Shaun in 1993 during a performance at VWC.
Shaun began playing the flute at age 9. By middle school it was established that he had a firm grasp of the instrument. He began his first studies with professional coaches during summer music festivals.

During high school he competed with the "flute bitches" and defended his craft against most of the football team, trumpet players, and other aggressive members of our species. He continued to attend music festivals and gained exposure to more professional musicians and composers to complete a fair run as a respectably able flutist.

After high school, he put the flute down to join the military and enter the working world. After a few years with no real direction, he was in night school at Tidewater Community College and in need of a major that would hold his interest enough to complete a degree. Music it was.

He continued on to Virginia Wesleyan College, now a University and continued to study music performance, adding his tenor voice to the mix of performances he enjoyed.

Following his graduation, he pursued a career at sea. Nearly 30 years later, he has dusted off his flute and joined with former a schoolmate and collaborator to prepare music for local performances.

Stay tuned for progress reports.